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Drawings . Illustrations 

Someone once asked me "Why do you erase from the charcoal background instead of drawing with white chalk on black paper?" As a teenager--like many others that age--I was fascinated by the intricate patterns of gnarly trees, bike wheels and shoelaces. I'd take out paper. But excited as I was to jump in and start drawing--by the end I had run off the page. All because I didn't plan it out.  

Here's what I learned. I'm at my happiest drawing at being "in the zone" but experience taught me I must start from the outside in. If I blacken the entire paper with charcoal first and recall the mood and a mere glimpse of the play of light on the subject or scene--I know it will be a success. This mental image holds my attention and intention throughout the process--even drawing in the details. My heart and body stay spacious not constricted: it's my job to keep the focus shining clearly.

The subject matter of Works on Paper: Charcoal Drawings is wildlife, the California forest, Pacific Coast, mountain lakes, paths through misty woods, strange botanicals, seeds, lichen, mushrooms.


The subject matter of Drawings is obviously nature. Drawing in nature for the artist in me, is--as with most people sitting still in nature--a spiritual communion. It is a meditation--a peaceful time, a simple act of gratitude--when one feels open, spacious. The light in the drawing could signify the opening of the heart and mind. Often there exists a symmetry between what we feel in our souls and observe or experience in nature. Do think this is true?

Another subject matter of Drawings is the artistic representations ("portraits") of Pomo Basket Weavers, the fierce standup women of the Pomo community. The clan respects these wise culture bearers who lead through wise words and actions. These leaders--of rare impeccable character--have brought the Pomo people through decades of tumultuous times in USA. In support of these notable people, the  Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah, California is currently showing these framed prints. 

As the buyer or collector be assured that these are contemporary and modern drawings by an accomplished artistThe artist has shown her work in Montreal, San Jose and San Francisco.  The San Francisco Chronicle art critic Kenneth Baker gave the artist a personal kudo for craftsmanship. Two original drawings were shown at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and were favorably reviewed in the quarterly magazine Artweek.

Each product page of Framed Prints contains more detailed descriptions which may interest you.

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