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The background image is charcoal drawing of Spanish Moss or Lace Lichen which resembles abstract painting. Available in charcoal or colors. Framed print. 12x16"

Artwork Description:

Original drawing is on charcoal paper at 18 in x 24 in. The drawing was created as a negative image by erasing the black charcoal background to expose the white image. The main drawing tool is the eraser. This method of revealing the image allows for accidental surprises which appeals to the artist.


Digital print/giclee' also available for sale at Work on Paper: Prints and at the Grace Hudson Museum gift shop in Ukiah, California.


Subject Matter: Pomo Basket Weavers: Spokes of the Pomo Community

I live in Northern California, Lake-Sonoma-Mendocino counties. I have an affinity for the people on whose land I live--the Pomo people.


If you've ever seen Pomo baskets they are unbelievably beautiful. I remember admiring them as a young child in the Hearst Museum of Anthropology on UC Berkeley campus. Experts say that they are the best in the world. Most of them were made by women artists.


I am an artist and a woman. This group of women artists from the turn of the 19th Century to the present make objects of daily use that bear their aesthetic fingerprint. Historically they must have been the anchors or spokes of the community wheel amongst their people. The weavers carried on from one generation to the next, the traditions of craft, of symbols, of language, of self-respect and pride during a very difficult time of westward moving settlers.


These women artists inspired me & I wanted to represent them. These are my own artistic interpretations, representations of these special people. DisclaimerAny resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental.


I don't know more about why I create but I just have to.


As the buyer or collector be assured that this is a contemporary, modern and accomplished interpretive drawing print.


Artist Background:

The artist has shown her work in Montreal, San Jose and San Francisco. Charcoal drawings by this artist have been shown at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and commented on in the quarterly magazine ArtweekThey are currently for sale at the Grace Hudson Museum gift shop in Ukiah, California.


She has studied in California universities (MFA, SJSU) and internationally with the art masters Howard Warshaw and Emilio Vedova (Italy) whose raw passion, energy and expressive, gestural approach to charcoal made an impression on her. 


Thank you!


You Know Good Art When You See It. Show it.

Pomo Basket Weaver No.3

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