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The background image is charcoal drawing of Spanish Moss or Lace Lichen which resembles abstract painting. Available in charcoal or colors. Framed print. 12x16"
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Let Him Go. Galloping Seabiscuit-2023_BC_WM_rgb.jpg
Drawing of a deer seeking refuge in our woodsy garden during a hot summer. Available in charcoal or colors. Framed print.
Bronze sculpture of dancer with dynamic hair and tail, 9 inches tall.
Drawing of California manzanita at the magic hour, silhouetted against setting sun. Available in charcoal or colors. Framed print. 12x16"

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Welcome to Barbara Phelps Art & Design, where art meets community.


Be bold, be inspired, and join us in a journey that transcends mere aesthetics.

Our collection, featuring exquisite bronze animal, wildlife & figure sculptures, captures the essence of nature's untamed beauty. These sculptures, our custom designs, and drawings echo our deep admiration for the Pomo women basket weavers and the enchanting landscapes of the Pacific Coast, mountain woods, and lakes.

Our mission extends beyond the creation of art. We are committed to fostering connections, celebrating diverse cultures, and supporting worthy causes through our collaborations.


Your involvement helps us make a difference in the world, one sculpture at a time.

Our artistic endeavors have been recognized and celebrated. Exhibitions at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and favorable reviews in Art Week magazine are testaments to our passion.


'Icarus' received personal commendation from Kenneth Baker of the SF Chronicle. Our bronze sculptures have graced venues like the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and the Pac Rim Annual Sculpture Exhibition.


Esteemed galleries in Montreal, Quebec, and Palo Alto's Bryant Street Gallery have represented our work, and it's currently featured at the Grace Hudson Museum gift shop.

Join our artistic family. Each piece you acquire not only enhances your space but also contributes to our collective narrative of art and impact. If your new artwork doesn't meet your expectations, rest assured, you can return it, for your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Gift a unique bronze animal, wildlife or figure sculpture to someone special, or treasure it as your own. With free shipping on most items within the USA, the perfect embodiment of nature's spirit is just a click away…"

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