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Xuaca Sculpture and Spirit Drawings No.1 and No. 2

Hot Cast Bronze. Framed Charcoal Drawings/Sketches on Fine Heavy-weight Watercolor Paper

Nature infuses the work. Actual branches, bark palm fiber, coarse cloth the artist wove together and cast into the lost wax bronze casting. This makes the surface uniquely textured and not duplicatable. The charcoal drawings are illustrations of the spirit as after-images.

When a loved one passes it is too easy to get through the obligatory funeral. This artwork is a call to respect, honor and remember our relations/ancestors by learning from indigenous culture rites and rituals. When I distressed over a loved one who passed I looked for guidance and followed similar remembering rituals. Many ancient rites are continued today (like cremation and coffin-less) and make us  feel more deeply rooted in the land, present and interconnected. More in the About Page

The drawings have been shown at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and reviewed favorably in the quarterly magazine Artweek
Xuaca sculpture has been exhibited twice in San Francisco.
She would like to share space with a like-minded art collector. If interested, please contact us directly. Thank you.
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