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The background image is charcoal drawing of Spanish Moss or Lace Lichen which resembles abstract painting. Available in charcoal or colors. Framed print. 12x16"

Explore. Go Deep. Now

What does this mean? Explore the depths of the ocean? The woods? Consciousness? What's the riddle? Let me explain.

You may recall being a kid romping around the campsite, revelling in the pine scent or majestic cathedrals of the sequoias. Some of us still love being outside in nature, even when not camping. I'm now living my dream in a log home on 5 wooded acres in North SF Bay area with my husband and two large affectionate dogs. The dogs accompany me on most explorations through the woods.

When I explore alone, I love the stillness of the shadowed woods. I look for sunlight at particular times of the day that is captured by the trees and creates paths through the misty woods or long angular shadows & bright shapes. The light in my charcoal drawings could also signify the opening of the heart and mind. Drawing in nature can be a spiritual communion: meditative, peaceful, a simple act of gratitude when one feels open, spacious, giving.

As we recall memorable childhood moments some are tinged with not-so-pleasant sensations. For instance, since our evacuation during the Valley Fire of 2015, a sniff of wood smoke signals "danger!" more than bring back the kumbaya moments of roasting marshmallows.

As life goes on, many good moments are tinged--or singed as in the aforementioned case--with sadness or another shadow effect. As with many of us, I spent great swaths of my adult life feeling unfulfilled, yearning for who-knows-what, and trying to figure it all out.

I gradually appeared to lose the child-heart of a true mensch (a person of integrity and honor, German) and that which is essential to thrive as an artist. It's essential to be content being an artist because there are few other compensations. Art takes a deep commitment and practice so you'd better be okay with your choice. That's the deal. The raw truth.

We all want to be happy. We don't wish anything less for anybody. But the Covid pandemic has most likely exacerbated tensions in families/couples and brought issues to a head--and thereby caused momentous changes.

On the other side, lockdown has assisted many people to slow down, to observe and care about themselves and others in deeper ways.

As a not so sure-footed biped in this world--except for hiking the wooded trails--I can truthfully say that I am now content. I am committed to a daily practice to completely restore my child-heart. If I can get there, anyone can. This is good news.

Explore. Go Deep. Now.

Here are my 3 cents:

$.01 Explore the unknown--external nature, internal nature, yourself. Slow down. Meditate. Contemplate

$.02 Restore your self-compassion, safe place within, patience. Then you are able to go deep

$.03 You are not too busy. The human lifespan is short. Not much time for do-overs. Do it now

Thanks for visiting. See you next time.

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