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The background image is charcoal drawing of Spanish Moss or Lace Lichen which resembles abstract painting. Available in charcoal or colors. Framed print. 12x16"

Spring is coming! Time to Plant Seeds?

Native Seeds? Seeds of Awareness? Sure, why not?! Let's savor the warmth of the sun on our face, feel the freedom of open space around us, the air on our skin. Is the air moist or dry? Here on top of the hill--at home by the woods-- it is still slightly moist and very brisk. And it feels so-o good!

Time to start gardening. I love to garden. Just feeling the air and warmth on the skin is delightful and resting my eyes on the horizon makes it worth it. I love the exercise after the long winter. Pruning, weeding, tidying up is hard work but a healthful way to enjoy the start of spring. Plus it's a good way to learn the value of changing seasons--mother nature, that is. And to learn about one's capacity to grow in patience, perseverance and in going with the flow.

Let me explain. We built our log home on a beautiful site rich in volcanic earth--perfect for the red-barked redbud which will soon boast brilliant fuchsia flowers. The soil is veined with red soil and rocky soil suitable for grapes which need good drainage and enjoy extreme variations in temperature and humidity. Many vineyards have grown up around us because of this appellation's attributes. Napa wineries mix our county's red gold with theirs to produce five star blends.

Challenging me was the difference between Silicon Valley Sunset zone 10 from which we moved 14 years ago to our current zone 8. Also rocky fill--like road base--was used to fill in between trees to cover geothermal trenches. It's now just getting naturalized to the surrounding soil.

It was very excited to start this new project! A much bigger project than the two previous homes redesigned inside and out for living in and later put up for sale. Curiosity and high hopes led me to research the seeds to sow and plants to transplant in our mountain area (3200') with the aforementioned attributes: great swings of temperatures throughout the year and various soil types.

Over the last few years I've experimented with hundreds of native seeds & plants. While its been mostly successful, Mother Nature quite naturally (pun intended) had plans of her own. For instance--rabbits and deer ate the pest-resistant leaves of the plants, gophers and moles enjoyed the roots, fruit trees played fickle at the freezing cold of winter and/or blazing sun of summer. Native seeds additionally prefer to grow wild and to not be cultivated by hand. Native plants are comfortable where they grow and difficult to transplant.

The results were 65% of what I wanted after 165% body battery expenditure of blood, sweat and tears. But it really doesn't matter. I would say that the greatest outcome was that I felt I learned that 10% fruitfulness of anything we attempt is really okay.

Words of wisdom are cliche' but true also in this case. The main thing is that we try. Isn't it all about just doing it (thanks Nike) or the man in the arena (thanks, Teddy Roosevelt) or Yoda's saying Do or do not. There is no try?

Without the attempt we cannot have the pleasure to grow our skills, to grow in patience and perseverance-- all while being mindful it could go--or could have gone--kaput.

By maintaining the learning mindset and letting go of the outcome we can flow with nature and connect with our inner power and peace. I can also feel very grateful for the 65% outcome that now thrives.

So, its Spring! Let's taste and appreciate nature's gifts. Feel the soles of our feet on the ground. Luxuriate in moving the animal body in space. The weather is ever-changing--but right now we can sense that open and aware feeling and carry it into the day.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the day!

See you next week.

Please consider that 5% of proceeds from the sale of artwork is donated to Center for Mindful Self-Compassion founded by Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer.

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