Mother and Child 2020.06.30

Original drawing on charcoal paper. Originally drawn on the date in the title at 18 in x 24 in. The drawing comes from daily sketchbook journal that chronicles images in morning or golden hour that captured the artist's attention. More affordable prints also available in Work on Paper: Prints.


As the buyer or collector be assured that this is a contemporary, modern and accomplished abstract drawing.


This work has been shown at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and commented on in the quarterly magazine Artweek.


The artist's mentors have been these art masters:


Emilio Vedova (Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy) ,

Howard Warshaw (Fine Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara)

Their raw passion, energetic, expressive, gestural approach and use of earth tones and black and grey both impressed the artist.


Artist's favorites are sunlight at a particular time of day captured through trees, paths through misty woods and strange botanicals, seeds, moss, lichen, mushrooms. Also mountain ridges, the coast and memorable people from her past.


Each image is a negative image from its black background. Essentially the main drawing tool is the eraser.


My mother passed away in 2020. She was a striving and tough Russian who emigrated to the USA and weathered 93 years very well. She and I shared interests in archeology, anthropology and first nations art. This drawing is of a photo I had taken years earlier at the Museum of Anthropology at the UBC campus in Vancouver, British Columbia. (Thanks to the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, British Columbia.)


After her passing this struck me not only because of our shared interests but also as a reflection of our child-like-mother traits and relationship: silent absorption in work, stoic, inscrutable and insular.


"A gift is a thing we do not get by our own efforts. We cannot buy it; we cannot acquire it through an act of will. It is bestowed upon us."-Lewis Hyde


"There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." -Leonard Cohen.

It is an aha! moment when we make a deep connection or realization.


5% of proceeds are donated to the research institution Center for Mindful Self-Compassion created by Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer. 

Thank you for spending time here!

Mother and Child 2020.06.30

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